Five reasons to buy at Super Mix

Meet five reasons below to help you choose Super Mix in your shop.

  1. Competitive prices;
    It is part of the philosophy of Super Mix, we are always prepared to offer our customers and commercial partners products and services with high levels of quality and excellent cost-benefit.

    To be competitive for us is to offer the quality in our products and / or services, without charging more for this.

  2. Many ways to payment;

    To make everything even more comfortable and favorable for you; We offer several forms of payment. 

    Make your purchases at Super Mix in the way that suits you best or that is more attractive to you, use for your payments the convenience of credit cards, BNDES card, direct financing, and for those who wish to make their cash payments, we recommend to negotiate with our commercial agents, they get very easy sensitized to meet the needs of our customers and conduct good business.

  3. Delivery throughout the national territory, guaranteed, faster and cheaper;

    When you choose one of our products, make your purchase with factory delivery guarantee! 

    There are several shipping options for your choice according to the volume / location. 

    Ask our commercial agents for the best and most economical shipping method for your purchase and receive the product with the lowest freight cost quickly, economically and totally committed to the deadlines agreed with our customers.

    We guarantee the delivery of any quantity, anywhere in Brazil.

  4. Special projects and demands;

    Innovation, new technology and creativity are recurring themes that have always stimulated the inspiration of our employees to meet the special demands in the creation of new products.

    We are very proud to observe some of our technologies, subtly “copied” by leading multinationals in their segment.

    If you need and do not find it, bring your project and come and talk to us, surprise yourself with the agility of Super Mix in the development and / or customization of new products.

  5. Easy navigate in our website and recommended by several clients.

    Our passion for our business has motivated us to develop a complete communication channel to make life easier for our customers.

    We are committed to never stop improving to serve the better for you, so feel free to contribute to achieving excellence in our services and the effectiveness necessary to delight you.

    – Make your suggestions, critics or compliments and help us build a success story.

    – Welcome to Super Mix.

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